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And They Were Roommates

Kyeos posed.png

This project was made using Twine Harlowe with custom HTML,  CSS and  JavaScript. The Tumblr also features custom pages using the same principles.


  • Nero Bongers (Artist)

  • Yasmina Sawaryn (Artist)

  • Jessica Lehl (Artist)

  • Lisanne Picker (Designer)

  • Leoni Fluks (Designer)

  • Linde van Weerd (Designer)

When roommates, Devon, Kye and Raaz, decide to go on a bonding experience to the zoo. Chaos ensues.
How will they handle the situation?

And they were roommates is a concept for a web series, the start of the pilot was completed.

My role for this project was lead designer,

my main contributions were:

  • Narrative Designer

  • Writing Kye

  • Programming in Twine

  • Web Design

  • Promotional content tumblr

  • Business plan

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