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Verteltica Website

To achieve the new look I used HTML5 and CSS for the webdesign and I used Adobe Photoshop to create new assets for the website. Fulfilling the roles of a web designer and a graphic designer.

After speaking with Verteltica and looking at the current website I came up with a new concept. I wanted the style to fit the logo that I had helped create years prior.

I created different icons for Verteltica produced shows in white line-art and made a new background for the website using the same blue used in the logo and a purple tone that the client is very fond of.

Visit the Verteltica website here (dutch only)

Verteltica is a Dutch theatre company that writes musicals and gives theatre workshops to kids. The company's founder, Amber van Weerd, asked me to redo the look and feel of the website to fit her and the company better. 

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