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Portfolio of Work

Internship projects

Designer, VR developer

During my internship, I had the opportunity to work with 3 different clients on 4 different projects. Unreal Engine, VR, narrative design, UX design and environment design are a few of the skills I got to work on and develop during this time. More detailed project pages are still in the works...




Hexarif is a game set on the tropical island Cora Cora. Under mayor Ailani’s guidance, you help Cora Cora towards a better future. Protect the coral reef against the impact of tourists and global warming. Make Cora Cora a lively and beautiful island, but make sure the coral stays healthy! Will you become the new mayor?

More detailed project page is still in the works...

Asset 1_4x.png

And They Were Roommates


When roommates, Devon, Kye and Raaz, decide to go on a bonding experience to the zoo. Chaos ensues.
How will they handle the situation?

And they were roommates is a concept for a web series, the start of the pilot was completed.

Spookslot 2D


During the first Covid lockdown we made an online experience for the attraction Spookslot in the Efteling, so that everyone could still enjoy the Efteling from home. 

2021-05-24 (3).png
rise and shine.PNG

Rise and Shine


Rise and Shine is a game based on the campaign faces of PTSD. This is a story about Alex, a non-binary person who suffers from PTSD. Play through their day and find out what it's like to be in their shoes.

A Chance Encounter


A Chance Encounter is an interactive story about friendship, love and tough decisions. Riley, an 18 year old college student studying veterinary medicine, goes through life alone until something incredible happens.

verteltica screenshot.PNG

Verteltica Website

Web Designer

Verteltica is a Dutch theatre company that writes musicals and gives theatre workshops to kids. The company's founder, Amber van Weerd, asked me to redo the look and feel of the website to fit her and the company better. 

Procedural City


This Project resulted in a procedurally generated city in a futuristic style. Together with a team of 6 we created all the assets, textures and algorithm to come to the final result.

tight city.PNG

Museum of Human Emotion


Have you ever felt that uneasy feeling when you see a computer-generated character that almost resembles a real human, but something feels off? That's when you experience Uncanny Valley. In this project we sought to beat this phenomena. 

Save the Park

Game Developer

Save the Park is a serious game that explains the importance of taking care of our environment. The goal is to clean up the entire park to ensure it remains healthy for future generations.

save the park.PNG

Detective Fabulares


Detective Fabulares is a point-and-click game. You are the Detective and have been assigned a murder case, your job is to collect all the clues of the crime scene and find out who the killer is.

Infestation Within


Infestation Within is an adventure-shooter game built for an arcade machine. You play as Barry in a post apocalyptic world, as a final resort to save humanity you team up with a scientist who's created a suit who will protect you from the infected, your job is to find and destroy the leader of the hive, Gorrak.

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