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Rise and Shine

rise and shine2.PNG

This was a group project, we called ourselves Pasta Infusion.


  • Jasmijn Davelaar (Artist)

  • Michela Paolucci (Artist)

  • Nero Bongers (Artist)

  • Buga Eusebiu (Engineer)

  • Avery Pereira (Designer)

  • Linde van Weerd (Designer)

Rise and Shine is a game based on the campaign faces of PTSD. This is a story about Alex, a non-binary person who suffers from PTSD. Play through their day and find out what it's like to be in their shoes.

My role in this project was Designer, but I also did some coding and took on the role of scrum master.

My main responsibilities were:

  • Game design

  • Narrative design

  • Game writing

  • UI engineer

  • UI polisher

  • Quality Assurance

  • Scrum

This game was made in Unity, using C# scripting. 

Watch a gameplay video below and download the game here

Rise and shine 4.PNG
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