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Infestation Within

This was a group project. Built in the GXPEngine, an engine used at our university with programming language C#.

My role for this project was Lead Engineer. Among other responsibilities I was in charge of UI/UX implementation, border collisions, player mechanics, enemy tracking and visual feedback. I also created the first version of the trailer and the rage button of our custom controller.

Poster of Infestation Within
Installation Infestation Within

Infestation Within is an adventure-shooter game built for an arcade machine. You play as Barry in a post apocalyptic world, as a final resort to save humanity you team up with a scientist who's created a suit which will protect you from the infected. Your job is to find and destroy the leader of the hive, Gorrak.


  • Avery Pereira (Designer)

  • Mihai Barsan (Designer)

  • Radina Agaeva (Artist)

  • Michela Paolucci (Artist)

  • Wouter Pleijsier (Engineer)

  • Linde van Weerd (Engineer)

The Project took us 3 weeks

Watch the trailer here

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