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Museum of Human Emotion

This project was made using Unity, C# scripting and VR.


  • Nero Bongers (Artist)

  • Michela Paolucci (Artist)

  • Seb Sebastián Espín (Artist)

  • Fenny Pangestu (Designer)

  • Lisanne Picker (Designer)

  • Linde van Weerd (Designer)

My contribution for this project was making textures, editing videos, doing research and making website content.

I made textures for the room of the experience and of course for the bust model itself.

Watch the process video below, view the unpublished website here and download the project here

head model sad.PNG
head model angry.PNG
head model.PNG

Have you ever felt that uneasy feeling when you see a computer-generated character that almost resembles a real human, but something feels off? That's when you experience Uncanny Valley. In this project we sought to beat this phenomena. 

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