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Save the Park

This was the first game I build in Unity with C# scripting. Save the Park was a solo project.

Without a team to split responsibilities with I had to go out of my comfortzone a little bit. While some of the assets I could find on the Unity Asset store, others were too specific for my game to get elsewhere so these assets I made myself in Unity using ProBuilder and Polybrush. I made 3 different pieces of trash: an apple, a piece of wrapping and a glass bottle, as well as different rocks, and hilltops.

Beside that I was of course responsible for the game design, sound design, functionality and UI/UX.


Save the Park is a serious game that explains the importance of taking care of our environment. The goal is to clean up the entire park to ensure it remains healthy for future generations.

I had a lot of fun doing this project and learned a lot about Unity in the process

overview 2.PNG

Watch a gameplay video below and download the game here!

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